I have a new home

Everything in life has to change otherwise we become stagnant and still. So here we are on the move, changes a foot. Ok maybe not many changes, my blog is staying true to who I am, my writings will hold my heart like always.

The big change is the only place we call home. The place we rest our weary head, or in my case the thoughts inside my head.

Follow me to our new dwelling at  Walking with Angels

Looking forward to seeing you. xxx

Join me at my new home.


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Review – Tight’s Please

A few weeks ago I answered a request asking for bloggers to review a website called http://www.tightsplease.co.uk/

A few days later we received two quality pairs of girls tights. The service was quick and the quality of the tights is superb.

After taking a good look at the website I was really surprised and impressed by the variety of ages and styles available.

The website Tights please offers stockings, tights, hold ups, shape wear. Along with a great selection of  lingerie, socks and also leggings. Did I mention the site was vast?

Tights please has become one of the top fashion sites for tights, with clients from the big screen to top music artists. Top fashion designers come to Tights please for advice and the quality of service they receive. Tights please is even mentioned in Victoria Beckham’s biography now that’s good.

With tights designed by top designers you will be spoiled for choice.

With their same day dispatch, easy returns and price promise you would be crazy not to try out Tights please. I’m personally delighted with the style, quality and service that I’m now a convert to their website. With three daughters of various ages, I’m in tights heaven.


* I was given the tights to review.



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The best job ever

As I lie awake at a stupid hour due to chronic pain my mind is wandering.

Later today I’m off to finish the last of our back to school shopping. Only little bits to get, socks and a P.E bag oh and a pair of football boots for my tag rugby mad youngest.

I say my youngest yet I’m struck by how quick she has grown up. It only seems like it was yesterday i was dropping her off for her first day at nursery. Now on Tuesday she starts her last year of juniors. My eldest starts her final year of seniors. Where did the time go?

Yes the holidays have been exhausting a mixture of joy and angst but the truth is my girls are growing up way to fast and anytime together is cherished.

In less than four years my oldest will be off to university flying the nest as they say.

This scares me so much.

As often as I moan I love being a mom. The joy I get from my girls outweighs any of the stress.

Parenthood isn’t easy but it is the best job ever and I love it.

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The parent’s guidebook didn’t warn me about this.

Being a parent isn’t easy. Yes you can buy books that guide you through conception to adulthood. Yet they don’t prepare you for the emotional impact of parenthood.

From the first moment you see this precious little thing you are determined to protect from all evil. To cherish and love with all your heart.

Fast forward 13 years that cute adorable bundle of love is screaming at you. Shouting that you are determined to ruin their lives. The question i ask myself daily is where did I go wrong?

Others have their opinions, my mom tells me I spoil them to much. My husband tells me I do to much for them. My mother in law tries to convince me all teenagers are like this.

Maybe they are all right.

I know I spoil them, I grew up with little I wanted them to have so much more.

Yes I do way to much for them, again I didn’t want them to have responsibilities like I had.

Yes teenagers are stroppy and moody it’s the influx of hormones that invade their bodies.

But the truth is my girls, my teenagers aren’t the one with the problem ( well maybe a few). I am.

When my daughter screams she hates me. My heart breaks, I take her words as gospel. I don’t see the teenage angst I just see she hates me.

I wait patiently at times for me to screw up. I accept that’s who I am.

It’s pathetic I know, I guess we would have to dig back to those childhood times to find the source of my issues but the truth is I am who I am.

And I really need to get over myself.

I need to accept perfection in motherhood is a myth. Maybe I have spoilt them, indulged them but one thing I do know is that I loved them with all my heart.

There does come a time when you have to step back at let them make their own mistakes. You cannot protect them from the lessons of life no matter how much you want to.

There is going to be times when my daughters hate me but I know there will be more times that they will love me.


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I feel so guilty

There’s been something on my mind the last few days and I wasn’t sure if I would have the courage to write in down let alone post it. But I want to be accountable to myself and my writing who wants to read a blog full of false perfection. Life is far from perfect for anyone.

I digress, purposely I think as I’m still holding back.

As I posted on saturday we have had a blissful few days at the seaside. Yet as I was playing in the sea with the girls I felt overwhelmed with guilt. For years I had to sit on the side of the beach watching the girls play. As Livvy couldn’t cope on the sand or in the heat. The reason for my guilt was for that spilt second I enjoyed the freedom.

How awful am I. I feel so evil.

Don’t get me wrong I would give up any minute on any beach in any ocean for my beautiful daughter to be here with me. Yet I enjoyed the freedom to relax and play with my girls.

I felt so ashamed of myself and told Alan who told me to give myself a break. I wasn’t wishing life without Livvy just acknowledging that life was different. I still don’t know how to feel. All I know is that I would give anything to have her back.

As the poem says,

“If tears could build a stairway
and thoughts a memory lane
I’d walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again”

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Silent Sunday

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Home sweet home

What a blissful, few days. We have just returned from a caravanning holiday in South Wales, Rhosselli and it’s been great. The sun was out for three perfect days where we got to sit on the beach, play in the sea and build sandcastles in the sand. The kids have laughed and played and also slept which was blissful by itself. We also got to spend some wonderful time with friends.

I have been struck by many things over the last week. Firstly I think we need to move by the Sea. The feeling of calm I get when I watch the ocean it just fills me with a peace I can’t find elsewhere. Just watching the waves energies my very soul.

Secondly I love the stars. One thing I dislike about living in a built up area is I never get to lie outside and look at the stars. Sitting outside on the campsite I got to chat to Brodie about the windows in heaven. Then as we just sat cuddling a shooting star flashed across the sky. A memory made forever with my baby.

There is also nothing more beautiful than standing watching the sun set over the ocean. For a long time as I stood there I felt heaven was within reach. That Livvy was at the end of my fingertips. I felt such harmony at the connection between heaven and earth.

So now I’m home with a caravan that needs cleaning, two big bags of washing and a new school year to get prepared for.

I’m glad to be back but I hope my inner peace will stay around for a while. If not I better start planning our move.






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School Holidays Rock my 2nd guest post

I hope you are enjoying my School Holidays Rock blog posts with my first awesome guest post from Nicki over at Curly and Candid.

Now it’s time for the next instalment. Please welcome Pippa from A Mothers Ramblings to my blog. Enjoy her post and don’t forget to check out her great blog too.

The summer before Top Ender started school I was on maternity leave (as I was expecting Big Boy) and so Daddy and I took her out of nursery and Top Ender and I spent our time together. There was a heat wave that summer and so we spent a lot of time in the garden wearing our swimming costumes and dipping our feet in the paddling pool to keep cool. We spent long summer days with me reading books to Tops, colouring in pictures, finding out everything that she loved, playing with her dolls and doing all the things that families should do together. As soon as Big Boy was born he joined our lazy fun days and together we carried on learning more about each other. To us the theme for our Summer holidays was set, they were something to look forward to, time together to relax, to spend together as a family and time to have fun.

I hate when I hear other parents complain about the summer holidays, that they are too long or that they don’t know what to do with their children during all this time off. I don’t understand how parents don’t look forward to the time together, the chance to re-connect and to strengthen the bonds between each other. Sure the length of time stretching out in front of people could be worrying but it’s not as if they don’t have any time to prepare or if they haven’t been given any warning that they are coming!

Every Summer since Top Ender started School, we have created a list together of things that we want to do, places we want to go and things that we want to learn together. This list is something that we add to all through the year, it might be that we want to picnic by a lake, or have a water fight in the garden or even just have lazy days where we don’t get out of our pyjamas and snack all day. We look at the summer holidays as time to do all the things that we have been dreaming about, thinking about and things that we will remember during the colder Autumn and Winter months.

We develop a new routine during the summer holidays, we have a different rhythm. It’s not that we dislike our school time routine, it’s just that it is more rigid. We can pretty much set our own times during the Summer Holidays for everything and as long as we achieve what we set out in our to do list then we are happy. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love the Summer Holidays because for us here at A Mothers Ramblings it is time for us to be together.




Many thanks to both Nicki and Pippa for their great guest posts. 

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Wordless Wednesday

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School Holiday Rock Guest Post

How lucky am I, while I’m in sunny Wales I get to hand my blog over to two amazing bloggers. My first guest is Nicki from Curly and Candid   enjoy her guest post and don’t forget to check out her blog xx

School Holidays
I adore school holidays! Oh throw eggs at me if you will, but I do! I can’t believe how quickly Kieran is growing. He has finished his first year at school and will soon start his second. He is shooting up, not just in size but he is like a sponge and soaks up experiences and information so quickly and easily…. he is maturing! By the time term ends I am more than ready to have my boy at home, and it’s great to see Kieran and Taylor 8m playing together all day.
By the time Kieran comes home from school, gets dressed and does any homework and plays for half an hour, it’s teatime. Then before we know it, time for reading and bed. Weekends are great for quality time but the long summer holidays for me are magical.


We can stay in our PJ (sorry postie!) until lunchtime, or all day is we want!
We can take off at a moment’s notice with just the baby’s bag and a picnic!
We can (and do!), get to the park for 9am when it opens and run around like noisy children (yes me included!) and not have to share any of the equipment!

We can have water-fights in the garden (sorry next door’s cat!) while Taylor shrieks with laughter from the travel cot I bring outside!

We can go away as a family, enjoying trips to Thomasland, the beach, local outings or just walks out – me and all my fellas!
We can walk to Daddy’s work when it’s sunny and surprise him! We can all sit on the grass and eat lunch before myself and the boys continue on to the nearby train station to do a bit of trainspotting.
We can built whole cities made of lego and use our mini-men to act out stories (I’m always the bad guy!).
We can get wellies on and jump in puddles.
Or (one of my favourites)…
Instead of jumping out of bed for showers, breakfast and out to school / work, we can all get into bed together to tickle, laugh, tell stories and sing until our tummy grumbles tell us it’s really time to get up!

Why do I think the school holidays rock, because we get 7 weeks of uninterrupted family time. You just can’t beat that!!

Nicki Cawood, Freelance writer and blogger at Curly&Candid






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