I’m so glad Christmas is over?

If I had an enormous bag I would happily fill it up with Christmas 2010 and after tying it tight I would leave it outside for the rubbish men.

(Sorry not the normal cheery post about Christmas, honest blogging and all.)

What a few days, I’m exhausted, frustrated, devastated and angry all in one. Why do I get myself worked up about pleasing others and then beating myself up when I can’t? It seems you can’t please all of the people all of the time and some people well you can never please them. I have learned a valuable lesson though, to let go of some expectations.

 Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little, they has been some amazing moments. The girl’s faces on Christmas morning were special watching them get excited was so wonderful. Yet going to the cemetery to leave flowers at your daughter’s graves tends to damper your spirits.

I am so grateful for what’s in my life, but this Christmas I have been so aware of what is missing!

So add the flu to hormonal teenage girls well less said the better. I think sometimes you do have to just accept that life isn’t the way you wish. I know that having the flu has zapped from me the strength I usually have for the false bravado that I can normally summon to hide my tears. I’ve barely had the energy to do anything. Brodie also has suffered and this has left her sad and missing too.

So yes Christmas 2010, thank you for the joy but goodbye. I am so glad to see you leave. A lot has happened in 2010, a lot of heartache, loss for friends, family. It’s been one heck of a year. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and faces things I never imagined I would have the courage or strength to face.

I guess while 2010 has been a stinking year I do have a lot of things to be thankful for.

I am looking forward to the New Year with hope; we have exciting new things happening for us that I know will bring love and laughter into our home. I am filled with promise for 2011.

Yet I am going to spend the last few days of this year in rest;

” My soul finds rest in God alone: My salvation comes from Him.” – Psalms 62:1

I am going to rest in my Lord, knowing that whatever I have faced I didn’t do it alone and whatever the future brings my Lord is by my side.

His love is eternal.

” And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”1 Corinthians 13:13


About sarawith4

I'm a stay at home mom who loves her faith and and family. I am a new christian and still learning about the glory and grace of our Lord. I'm also a grieving mom who has to try each day to smile. Knowing my child is with the Lord brings me comfort but doesn't take away the pain of missing them.
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4 Responses to I’m so glad Christmas is over?

  1. Christmas can be a horrendously difficult time for some people,
    Particularly if you’ve lost someone close to you. It can be a rather
    Selfish time of year too, when we get so engrossed in the commercial
    Side that we have no time to remember why we are celebrating in the
    First place.

    Roll on 2011, it hasn’t been the best of years for me either.

    Best wishes for a much improved new year, CJ xx

  2. erin says:

    I am glad it is over as well. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life but the expense of the holiday this year was very difficult.I always feel like I have to spend so much on my mother and that if I don’t she will be upset and mean. It is hard trying to put my son through college on my own, and providing for my other son and the pressure that I feel with having to buy gifts. What a relief it is over!

  3. Pat Yirrell says:

    Sarah, it’s quite normal to get exhausted and emotional over Christmas, I do it every year, and I haven’t had the losses that you have. Christmas will never be perfect, we are not perfect and won’t be till we get to glory. Flu is a horrible debilitating illness and I think If I had it I would be tempted postpone Christmas.
    The weather hasn’t helped this year, yes we all ‘dream of a white Christmas’, but the reality has been extreme cold, pavements that are dangerous to walk on, all of this adds to the stress.
    I think you are doing an amazing job in bringing up the girls, now you need their help to let you rest for a while so that you can bounce back.
    Love and prayers

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