God’s Beauty

How do you define beauty? Do you see in people’s faces? Nature perhaps or belongings, money? We all have different ideas of what is beautiful.

I find the setting of the sun stunning. The mix of colours in the sky as it washes over the land. My husband, bless him would say “oh yes darling” but the excitement wouldn’t reach his eyes. Yet show him a new sports car and his face would be alight.

I do wonder at times if we can understand the complete picture of God’s glory it feels beyond our imagination. The beauty in the world!  Maybe we have all become jaded at the grandeur that surrounds us. I’m not talking of the material things.

I look into my daughters faces, I see pure beauty. I love every freckle every dimple on their faces. I spend time just watching them sleep, how peaceful they are as they visit the land of dreams. How I wish to commit each image to my mind. They are growing up so quickly, changing every day, every moment.

Should I describe a man as beautiful? Yet as I gaze upon my husband I see beauty in his patience, as he listens to my moaning and compassion at my pain. I love the defensive voice in his tone when he feels his family are under attack. I adore the way he watches the clock when the girls are out with friends, not through mistrust just his inner desire to have them safe under his protection. I see God’s beauty in my husband’s love for us all.

So many times I find myself focussing on the ugly. The worries the stress, I completely overlook the beauty in my life.

The essence of my life is that I am truly blessed.

 I take so much for granted. I need to remove my blinkers and see what the wonder that is around me.

My challenge to myself and to you all is this, look closer at the beauty in your life and celebrate it.

God’s beauty surrounds us all.


About sarawith4

I'm a stay at home mom who loves her faith and and family. I am a new christian and still learning about the glory and grace of our Lord. I'm also a grieving mom who has to try each day to smile. Knowing my child is with the Lord brings me comfort but doesn't take away the pain of missing them.
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