Let’s Talk About It

Yesterday I had the divine pleasure of meeting a lady I met on twitter for coffee. I admit I was rather nervous it was a big step taking an online friend into a real life friend.

I’m pleased to say our coffee date was a complete success, I felt as if I had known her for ages. One big thing that we do have in common is our faith.

As we chatting we both remarked how sometimes you can work next to people, socialize with people but not know their faith.

When I was growing up I was told that in polite conversation there are two things you do not discuss politics and faith.

To be honest, I could easily survive not chatting about politics, but my faith means so much to me. I want to share it with the world.

Of course I don’t mean forcing my views on everybody but I want to be honest about my faith, my love for the Lord Jesus.

I could be sitting next to a follower of Jesus for weeks on end but if we don’t talk about it how would we know.

Bless my friend being a Reverend the dog collar gives her faith away ( why are they called dog collars?). People know what she believes in and what she holds dear at first glance.

To be totally honest I love this, but I think a dog collar is a bit out of my reach.  Well you never know.

This conversation has left me thinking (not always a good thing). I need to break out of the constrains of polite conversation and start openly talking about my faith and my love of Jesus. Of course I am going to come across people who don’t share my views but if we love and respect each other this won’t be a problem. Yet by being open about how passionate I am about my love for Jesus, I may encourage others to speak openly about their faith to. The more Jesus becomes part of our daily lives the better life will be.

About sarawith4

I'm a stay at home mom who loves her faith and and family. I am a new christian and still learning about the glory and grace of our Lord. I'm also a grieving mom who has to try each day to smile. Knowing my child is with the Lord brings me comfort but doesn't take away the pain of missing them.
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8 Responses to Let’s Talk About It

  1. Tia says:

    You know, I struggle hugly with this. not because I don’t want to share, but because it feels “a bit rude”, and like all good Englishwomen I was brought up to be polite above all else.

    I seem to be finding my way through my blog, not preaching but just speaking about what’s on the whole of my heart and mind rather than just little bits of it. It’s a start, but I suspect I touch far fewer people there than I do out here. The only way I can see to do this is to Be Christ to people first, that they might see Him in me and want to know more. But it’s very easy to make my own imperfections an excuse against that – how can I, failing and stumbling as I am, possibly presume to know more than anyone else about how to live this life? I’m realising that’s an excuse though.

    I don’t think I will ever have it in me to stand at street corners and shout loudly. I’m also reasonably certain I’m not called to public speaking. Or not without my own personal Aaron, to speak the actual words on my behalf. But you never know. And the one to one witnessing by example; I don’t know any one who is in Christ who is not called to do that. But yet I sit quietly and keep my face carefully blank when opportunities are offered.

    Sorry, God – please give me Your words in these situations.

    Re: the dog collar; I have no idea whether you’re called towards ordination. I do know that your blog since you became a Christian has been so eloquent and compelling that people come to hear your words; they have the breath of Life about them. God can do amazing things. But if what you’re looking for is an outward symbol of your faith, then there are alternatives – less so the Cross, since that seems to have become a fashion icon and somehow lost its true meaning (and I’m not quite sure how – who would choose to wear an item of torture and death without accepting the new life it brings?), but other bits and pieces with a message on them? Perhaps not as visible to outsiders, but certainly a means of identification to other Christians. A friend always used to wear a little gold key, which had “I am the door” written on it – good conversation starter!

    I’m sorry we didn’t met up this summer – but I do think you were absolutely right in your decision not to come. Hopefully though we will meet again at some point.

    • sarawith4 says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Its a hard one isn’t it. If I discuss religion in front of my mom she gets all defensive and cross and tells me I’m being rude.

      Its one of those when the time is right things I guess. I’m still finding my feet.

      We were discussing how as a new christian I am full of vigour and energy for the word, its not a bad thing but I do have to be mindful not to be disrespectful to long term christians.

      As for the dog collar question for me it was more of a if you would of asked me 2 years ago how my life would change with God I would have laughed at you so to be totally honest I am excited to see what the future has to bring and the plans God has for me.

      I to wish we had of met up at camp but the girls were reeling from everything and I think they had faced enough. Maybe next time. Hopefully we will get a chance to really chat sometime soon.

      I’ve been thinking about you.

      Sara x
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  2. Tia says:

    Speaking as an old Christian, I find the excitement and wonder and keenness of newer Christians to be inspiring. The freshness of a new faith invigorates my own, makes me look again at where I am and whether I’ve sunk into rut without even realising it. And watching someone else capture the wonder of Grace helps me to go back and seek more.

    And we’re all new really – newly restored every time we come back to God for forgiveness. And perhaps I’m just not a very good person, but I need a lot of that!

    • sarawith4 says:

      I was concerned that maybe I had offended you with the comment about being a new Christian. I didn’t for one minute think that all older christians aren’t full with the same dedication to their faith. I just get told so many times that my energy and desire to share the word will slow down. I pray not. But for me I know I have so much to learn and turn to and admire people who have been walking the road that I am only just beginning on.

      I cannot find words to explain the difference in who I am since coming to God, I pray for forgiveness as I have so many things that need to change, yet I give so many thanks for the older Christians who prayed for me and showed me the person I wish to be, you are one xxx

      • Tia says:

        Believe me, there is no offense in sharing your Good News. Isn’t that just exactly what we’re supposed to do? Which disciple was it who heard Jesus and ran immediately to fetch his brother too?

        If our willingness and keenness to spread the word has faded then it’s not you who is wrong but those of us who have allowed opportunities to pass us by.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s wonderful to be so willing to share Jesus with others. I admire that, and I need that courage more in my own life. The world is turning into a much more desperate place that it used to be, and therefore, the fields are ripe for harvest!

  4. Tina says:

    Your vigour and enthusiasm certainly don’t offend me Sara. They do make me sit back and ask myself where my spark is hiding and make me pray for the spark to be kindled once more to a flame.
    I know I too use my blog to express God’s love but not as often or as well as I would like. I often shy away from. Sharing my faith when I could witness to others.
    Prayer is one tool God has given us and I am so grateful for the prayers of friends like you and Tia and the impact that has. We don’t see each other often but we can and do lift one another in prayer. I am so thrilled and amazed with the change God has undertaken in your life. I give thanks to Him
    Mch love

  5. Beth Rosewell says:

    I am continually blessed by what you say, you are so honest and there is a real freshness about your relationship with Christ.
    I think we can all worry about how we come across to others when shareing our faith, I often leave situations and thing “what if I said this….” but I think there is so much more to “speading the word” than merely talking to folks. I Love 2 Corinthians 2:15 when it speaks on being the Aroma of Christ,..whether we like it or not or whether they like it or not they will smell that Aroma if Christ is in you..some will like it and some will not. Sometimes words are not what is needed, just to be there in a situation, talking and being you and others will smell that sweet fragrence.

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