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What does it mean to be a Mom of Daughters

  My husband and I used to spend hours talking about the kind of parents we wanted to be. The dreams we had for our longed for children. These didn’t involve money or power just love and happiness. When I … Continue reading

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I’m ready for friendship

Friendship is one of those things I have been known to shy away from. I don’t know why really. A few bad experiences, but nothing that really should hold me back. It may be that I can be rather selfish … Continue reading

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Storm Warning – Billy Graham Book Review

  In Storm Warning, Billy Graham shows us the similarities between the natural disasters, tragedies and terrorist events of today and the book of Revelations. It’s an amazing the connections that he makes, it’s a challenging read. It opens up … Continue reading

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Knowing who He is.

Do you ever have those days when you can say yes? I know who I am. Then we have days when you look in the mirror and ask who are you? To be honest I use the term days when … Continue reading

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Let me introduce my talented and beautiful eldest daughter Kennedy.   On Saturday she sang her heart out in a regional pop star’s competition. She didn’t win first prize, but she did win most promising voice. I was so proud. Whilst … Continue reading

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